Contractors are in need of a product that will guarantee the protection that is needed in tough environments. ShieldAll 1020 and ShieldAll 1200 battle the real fungal issues that moisture creates on a job site.

Moisture is the number one problem contractors face in building todays tightly built wood framed homes. In fact, virtually all problems with wood based buildings are moisture issues. The contractor must consider all of the homes operating systems as they construct the building. Moisture elevation consideration must be given when venting the home, and installing HVAC systems that bring in and then eliminate moisture and even wrapping the home so heat is retained but moisture can escape.

At a moisture content of 19% or less, wood is considered dry. At  a moisture content 20% or above decay and staining can occur. Mold can begin to form when the moisture content reaches 20%. Wood indoors tends to stabilize at about 8% to 14% moisture content, however, there are areas of the home that suffer from high humidity problems simply because the systems incorporated to keep moisture at reasonable levels in homes do not reach every nook and cranny of the home.

These are the areas the contractor must consider as the home is being built. High moisture levels in a home can mean mold and once that mold hits, remediation is expensive so it only makes sense to incorporate a pound of prevention into the contractors thought process. It is a given that high moisture levels will exist in new construction until operating systems can bring that internal level into the 8% to 14% moisture content range. The argument then, is that the contractor should incorporate a mold inhibitor into the home at the time of construction to prevent mold from starting in crawl spaces where humidity levels can soar, in exposed floor joists and on drywall especially in the bathrooms and the kitchen. Further, that argument should include the need for surface coatings that are easy to use, are non-toxic and can serve a dual purpose as a primer and stain blocker.

SheildAll 1020 and SheildAll 1200 meet the requirements for a coating that provides long term mold resistance, eliminates blistering, peeling and chipping caused by high moisture levels and is an excellent stain blocker.  If the home being built is in a climate where termites exist, 2020 Pest Guard is the answer. It provides great pest protection and all of the mold and stain blocking protection of SheildAll 1020 and 1200. When you consider the cost of remediating a mold issue and when you consider that moisture at high levels will be present during new construction it only makes sense to protect yourself and your client by incorporating SheildAll products into your building protocols. Contact for help in locating a SheildAll representative.