ShieldAll 2020 is a hybrid coating that first stops wood boring insects, specifically termites in their tracks.  You will be amazed what other protection you can get from ShieldAll 2020.

ShieldAll 2020 is a hybrid coating that first stops wood boring insects, specifically termites in their tracks.  You will be amazed what other protection you can get from ShieldAll 2020.

Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood boring insects can cause immense damage to a wooden structure if they are not noticed or if they are neglected by contractors or homeowners. The damage in the USA by termites and boring insects is about $5 billion per year, most which is not covered by insurance. Termites are especially noxious because they can get into a structure through cracks or voids in the foundation wall, or under stucco walls. Contractors need to be on guard for visual damage by inspecting sills, floor joists, subfloors, windows, under porches, and cracks in concrete foundations, and where wooden surfaces join up with concrete foundations.

Subterranean termites usually work at night when more moisture is available. They create tunnels or tubes up walls from under-ground nests of about ¼ inch to 1” diameter made mostly of mud, up as high as 6 feet or more. They can create tunnels on concrete or stone as well as wood. They will make tunnels under-ground in their nest to create different rooms for the termites as the colony grows. The termites will also tunnel under the wood surface as they eat the cellulose with the tunnels running along with the wood grain. This leaves a thin veneer of wood on the surface.

Methods of controlling the termites includes a borate infusion treatment into the wood at the factory, or using a poison to treat the surrounding ground and entry points, or applying a termite mitigating borate coating to the exterior and interior surfaces that could be attacked. The problem with borate wood treatment is it is only as effective as the porosity of the wood being treated. The borate is water soluble, so it can be leached out in time in wet environments, or when exposed to rain and it cannot be used underground. Commonly used poisons that are spray applied are hazardous to use with an acute toxicity by inhalation or oral exposure, and have an extremely high hazard rating . Applicators need to have full body protection when spraying, while others need to be out of the vicinity of the application. Additionally, because of residual effects, these poison sprays are not recommended for interior applications. They can cause headaches, nausea, convulsions, flu-like symptoms and seizures. Finally, they need to be sprayed again every year to maintain full protection.

The best long term solution is to use a termite inhibiting coating on all potential affected surfaces. That coating exists. ShieldAll 2020 is a water based pest, mold, algae and even fire resistive coating that can be used to remediate contaminated structures. The key to remember is that it is non-toxic, low odor and provides superior protection. 2020 meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 90AA and 90B 25/50 requirements when tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E-84.

ShieldAll 2020 application is as simple as applying latex paint and is really as safe as latex paint.  If the building that requires remediation is currently infested it will have to be exterminated before application to prevent further damage. Once the building is exterminated, ShieldAll 2020 can be applied by spray, brush or roll on applications.

The beauty of 2020 lies in it’s comprehensive applications. It will stop termites. It will stop mold and algae and it will restore the integrity to mold or water damaged wood. Beyond that it is a great surface primer and stain blocker. Essentially, with 2020 it is possible to eliminate 3 separate applications of coatings designed to do the job that 2020 can do in one. Remember, that one coating of 2020 has no toxicity. There is no poison. And there is no yearly reapplication. ShieldAll 2020 is a superior product that resists termites but does so much more.