ShieldAll 6023 provides a clear, considerably less expensive alternative to fire control. ShieldAll 6023 is non-toxic and adaptable to any building style.

“Fires today move quickly…I think the concept that the fire department will come and save you all the time is a myth.”, said Vince MacKenzie, a director with the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs. MacKenzies’s Association wants wider use of residential sprinter systems to combat fires.

The reason MacKenzie and his Association are advocating for residential sprinklers is because MacKenzie says that, “It takes less time time for a room to flash over. At one time it took 15 minutes for flash over, now it is under 3 minutes.” The reason for less time for flash over to occur is because of the way new homes are constructed. MacKenzie believes that the open concept plan used in new construction as well as furnishings that are made from petroleum based materials that are highly flammable all contribute to increased flash over speeds. A Director with The National Research Council of Canada agrees. Phillip Rizcallah believes that fires do spread quicker and sprinklers would help but he also maintains that using fire resistant materials between floors and walls, sealing exposed wood and using more doors will create more time for inhabitants to escape a burning home.

And that is where ShieldAll 6023 Fireguard comes in. Based on the ASRM E-84 Tunnel Test, ShieldAll 6023 is a Class A Product fire retardant that slows the growth of flames and smoke development. What 6023 does is it forms an expanded protective carbon char in a fire that significantly inhibits flame spread and smoke development. 6023 will give victims of a fire  the time they need to escape a home fire.

ShieldAll 6023 is a flexible product that has great adhesion to wood, OSB, drywall, and concrete. Because of it’s versatility it can be used efficiently in areas that are susceptible to fire such as a wall separating the garage from the house or attic spaces.

Director Rizcallah said, “The objective…is to improve safety in an effective and affordable way that works for everyone.” Sprinklers are expensive, adding up to 2 percent in additional cost for new construction and up to 5 percent in additional costs for remodels. A viable alternative exists at a much more reasonable cost.  See what ShieldAll 6023 can do for you by visiting Fire risks are real and ShieldAll can provide you with peace of mind at an affordable cost.

Information provided by David Burke, CBC News in “Rise in fast burning house fires heats up calls for sprinklers in homes.” Jan. 14, 2018