ShieldAll 6023 is an intumescent coating that will give any resident in a fire enough time to get to safety. ShieldAll6023 is a must for contractors who want to provide that extra bit of protection for their customers.

I received an interesting, albeit tragic article from ShieldAll Director of Sales, Kevin Miller. The article was published in the Friday, December 29 edition of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune. The basic thrust of the article was that fire caused deaths will be the greatest they have been in the State of Minnesota since 2002. Fire deaths have dropped from over 100 in the 1970’s due to better fire protection and education, however there is a spike in deaths this time of year due to holiday traditions and smoking.

One section of the article really should have caught the attention of anyone reading the article. A generation ago, you had 30 minutes to escape a fire. Today you have less than 4 minutes due to construction trends that incorporate lightweight construction materials.  According to State Fire Marshall Bruce West, “Today you’ve got three to 4 minutes [to escape]. You don’t have a lot of time to get out.”  So is there any way the average homeowner can increase the time allowed them to escape their home if fire breaks out? The answer is yes. A product does exist that can create the time you need to escape.

ShieldAll 6023 is a white water based intumescent (a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure) coating used in the interior of a structure over combustible construction materials. What happens is that ShieldAll 6023 forms a protective char over combustible materials which slows flame spread and smoke development. Essentially what 6023 does is buy the people in a home stricken by fire a significant time increase to escape the home safely.

Coverage rate for ShieldAll 6023 is 80-250 ft2 per gallon. However, by coating the most vulnerable areas to fire, 6023 becomes very cost effective. For instance, kitchens should be treated with 6023 as well as the wall that separates the garage and home. By coating where fire is statistically more likely to happen, the homeowner has drastically improved his or her chances of escaping a tragedy.

No one could wish a home fire on anyone but they do happen so you must be prepared. ShieldAll 6023 will provide the assurance that you have bought some time if the unthinkable does happen. A good construction plan that includes smoke detectors and fire remediation along with a good fire escape plan can be the difference.