When Your Job Requires a Non-Toxic, easy to use coating solution, turn to ShieldAll 1020. Prevent mold in the toughest conditions with a product that will not harm the applicator or the resident.

It was going to happen sooner rather than later. The first article on mold following the devastation of Harvey appeared on a national news service. It had to happen because mold will present huge, fundamental problems for those in East Texas so it is newsworthy. But just try to wrap your brain around this; the magnitude of the problem is just mind boggling.

Mold requires three things to thrive. There must be a source of moisture, there must be a source of organic matter and there must be proper temperatures to germinate the mold spores. All of these conditions exist in Spades in East Texas. The mind boggling aspect of this all is the magnitude of the cleanup. Mold can attach itself to any wooden surface, carpets and drywall. The majority of surfaces found in modern home construction consist of these 3 items, all mold targets and there is literally thousands upon thousands of homes that will be impacted.

So what will happen? To make these home habitable again the mold must be cleaned up. Mold can cause health issues including viral lung infections. Prolonged exposure to mold, therefore is a major health issue. But more must be done than just removing the mold. The moisture that created the mold must be abated…all organic surfaces must be dried or replaced before the mold can be stopped and prevented. If organic surfaces are not dried, the mold will return. Without question. But prevention involves more than drying or replacing organic surfaces and that is where we step in.

To handle the job that is facing East Texas requires a simple, almost elegant solution. Once the mold has been removed and the organic surfaces dried, a preventative coating can be applied that will mitigate further mold contamination. SheildAll 1020 , SheildAll 1200 and SheildAll 2020 all have properties that will stop the growth of mold. In the case of SheildAll 2020 additional protection from boring insects, including termites is also included. The simple, elegant part of these products is that they are non-toxic and incredibly safe and easy to use. By using SheildAll products, you eliminate the need for staff training because of ease of use and no toxins, you eliminate the need for specialized equipment and best of all you eliminate mold by stopping it at the source. SheildAll really is a win/win for all concerned.